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as of April 24, 2018

Platinum Sponsors

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as of April 24, 2018

Exhibitor Booth
Roger Williams University 411
TurkPrime 304
BIOPAC Systems, Inc. 305
iWorx Systems Inc. 610
Top Hat 301
Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences 513
W. W. Norton 405
Frontiers 505
Cedrus 504
Millisecond Software 604
University of Michigan Program in Survey Methodology 413
SAGE 400
Psi Chi 502
Springer Nature 401
Harvard University Press 503
Psychonomic Society 512
Taylor and Francis 600
American Psychological Association 204
Brain Vision, LLC 510
Society for Personality and Social Psychology 511
California Correctional healthcare Services 205
Noldus Information Technology 404
Stens Corporation 500
Salimetrics 501
Elsevier 605
The Psych Store 203
Association for the Advances Training in the Behavioral Sciences 603
Cambridge University Press 700
Health and Retirement Study 202
MacMillan Learning 601