Advertise with APS

Reach the best and brightest in the field. Promote your presence at the APS Convention before, during and after the event for maximum visibility. APS offers a variety of print and digital advertising options to fit your needs and your budget.

APS Advertising Snapshot

50,000+ Person Email List
48,000+ Twitter Followers
18,500+ Digital Observer Subscribers
15,000 Print Observer Subscribers
5,500+ Daily Convention Website Views
2,500+ Mobile App Downloads in 2017

Print Advertising Opportunities

Print Program
Outside Back Cover ($2,000)
Inside Front Cover ($1,500)
Inside Back Cover ($1,500)
Full Page ($1,100)
Half Page ($850)
Congratulatory Ads (30% off above rates)

Outside Back Cover ($2,000)
Quarter Page ($700)

On-Site Signs
Walk This Way Directional Meter Board Sign ($500)
Company Promo Meter Board Sign ($1,250)

Observer Magazine Full Page Ad
Exclusive discount for exhibitors and sponsors
April ($1,945)
May/June – Convention issue ($1,945)
July/August ($1,945)
Congratulatory Ads (30% off above rates)
Advertise in all 3 issues and save an additional 20%

Digital Advertising Opportunities

Pre-Convention E-mail Ad ($750/email)
Convention Homepage Static Tile Ad ($2,500/30 days)
Convention Site Rotating Banner Ad ($1,250/30 days)
Convention Page Rotating Banner Ad ($700/30 days)

During Convention
Mobile App Rotating Banner Ad ($1,000/ad)
Mobile App Alert ($1,000/alert)
Convention Daily E-mail Ad ($1,000/day)
Big Screen Slideshow ($750/slide)

Post-Convention E-mail Ad ($750/email)

Digital Advertising Pick 3
Pick any three digital ads and save an additional 20%