Press Information

The APS Annual Convention attracts thousands of participants who share the latest discoveries and developments in the field. More information about prominent speakers and noteworthy presentations can be viewed at the APS Convention homepage.

Qualified press will have complimentary access to scientific and poster sessions to hear about these advancements in psychology.  To register, simply send your name and the media outlet you represent to

Reporter information: Media advisories and news releases related to APS 2021 Virtual Convention will be listed here:

  • [April 29, 2021] Vaccine Hesitancy, Misinformation, Climate Change, Work After COVID: Topics Included in the 2021 APS Virtual Convention

The following categories are eligible for complimentary press registration:

  • Working press, including reporters, news editors, science writers, news producers, and others working for recognized print, television, radio, or online entities, should provide press credentials, such as a business card, or letter from an editor.
  • Freelance writers should provide a copy of a letter assigning you to cover the APS convention; a current membership card from the National Association of Science Writers, Canadian Science Writers Association, International Science Writers Association or other affiliates of the World Federation of Science Journalists; or recent evidence of related work (with your by-line) in a recognized publication within the last year.
  • Public information officers from nonprofit institutions including government agencies, educational and/or research institutions, and scientific societies should provide a copy or a business card or other evidence of affiliation. Eligibility applies only to those whose primary job function is public or media relations.

The following categories are ineligible for complimentary press registration and must register as regular attendees.:

  • Professionals in government affairs, public policy, marketing and project management; editors of scientific journals; educators; researchers in science communication.
  • Representatives of publishing houses, the business side of news media, political action committees or similar, and for-profit corporations.

If you need assistance scheduling one-on-one interviews with scientists participating in the virtual convention, contact, 202-293-9300.