2021 APS Call for Submissions

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Important Dates

 Submission DeadlineNotifications
Flash TalksMarch 1, 2021Mid-April 2021
PostersMarch 1, 2021Rolling

Presentation Formats

Flash Talk: Submitted flash talks offer the opportunity for authors to present their research in a 15-minute pre-recorded video. These talks will be organized by subject areas and made available for on-demand viewing during the virtual convention. Through a chat feature, attendees will be able to view presentations and ask questions about the research.  

Poster: The Virtual Poster Showcase (VPS) offers the opportunity for individuals to present their research and have substantive discussions with interested colleagues. Through a chat feature in the VPS platform, attendees will be able to view submissions and ask questions about the research that’s presented in the posters. There are 3 types of poster submissions for the 2021 APS Virtual Convention:

  • Standard Poster: Standard Poster submissions must only report data collection and analysis that has been completed by the time the submission is finalized. Submissions that do not report collected data and analyses, or that do not have enough collected data or analysis to make an empirical claim, will not be accepted. Non-empirical research should not be submitted as a poster.
  • Research Proposal Poster: Research Proposal Posters should represent plans for a future empirical study. Data collection should not be complete. This is a chance to receive early feedback on your research study plan. Your submission should describe an empirical research study plan in detail including hypotheses, experimental design, plan for participant recruitment, procedure, plan for statistical analysis, and expected results.
  • Teaching Poster: Teaching posters should pertain to the teaching of psychological science. This includes, but is not limited to, teaching techniques, innovations, evaluation, and philosophy. Posters should focus on methods for teaching psychology, such as particularly effective or innovative courses or course organizations, strategies (including demonstrations) for promoting active learning, ways of integrating course material, helpful use of technology, and the like.

Learn more in the poster and flash talk submission rules and guidelines.

Questions? Email us at convention@psychologicalscience.org

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