22nd Annual Convention
Boston | May 27 - 30, 2010 | Sheraton Boston Hotel

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Special Appearance by William James at APS in Boston

William James House and William Estes, first editor of Psychological Science.Psychology has a special connection to the Boston area. William James, the father of modern American psychology, spent his academic career at Harvard University. This psychology legend will be at the 22nd APS Annual Convention (May 27-30, 2010) and available for pictures!

It was during his years in the Boston area when James wrote Principles of Psychology among other works, including a shorter version of the 12,000-page Principles called Psychology: The Briefer Course. When APS started the journal Psychological Science, founding editor William Estes was the William James Professor of Psychology at Harvard and lived in the William James house in Cambridge. Later, he often said he edited the first issues of Psychological Science in the same corner of the house where William James edited Principles of Psychology. In 1999, the James house was sold and later turned into condominium apartments.

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"America's College Town"

Largest concentration of colleges and universities in the world is in Boston.  More than fifty colleges, universities are located within a 50-square mile area; Boston alone has twenty-six 4-year colleges. There are 250,000 college students- or 1 in every 10 Greater Boston residents. There are 260 colleges and universities in New England. There are 803,000 college students in New England.

Number of college students in Greater Boston: 250,000



The USS Constitution

The U.S.S. Constitution, constructed in Boston in 1797, is the world's oldest commissioned warship still afloat. The Constitution never lost any of her 42 naval battles. No enemy has set foot on her deck, except as a prisoner, and no member of her crew was ever taken prisoner by another vessel.



The Sacred Cod

"The Sacred Cod", a four-foot effigy of a codfish, once hung in the Old State House to represent the importance of the fishing industry in this state. When it was paraded to the New State House it was wrapped in an American flag and moved with much pomp and circumstance. It now hangs in the House of Representatives and faces north when the Democrats have control and south when the control switches to the Republicans.


Watch Out, Filene's

In 1990, Filene's Basement is recognized as the second most popular tourist attraction in Boston with 15,000 to 20,000 daily shoppers. In 2010, the APS Annual Convention (also offering great value at a low cost) is sure to be No. 1.