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reception memorable. We'll work with you
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An essential tool that attendees use to stay connected to e-mail and browse the online convention program. Signs and screen savers will display your logo.

$1,450Single Day

Picture it: More than 3,100 convention attendees renewing acquaintances and making new ones. With each hello comes a polite, discreet look at the name badge to remember that familiar face. What better positioning than your name on the lanyard holding each of those badges?


All attendees receive a tote bag when they pick up their meeting materials. The bags are a popular memento of the convention. Your logo and name will be on prominent display throughout the convention, and long after the meeting ends.


Give science a breath of fresh air. As presenters prepare to present results of experiments, they'll freshen their breath with an experimint. The audience in the front row will thank you.


Mobile Marketing. Each year, 40 students volunteer to assist attendees fi nd their way to registration, session rooms, the exhibit hall, cyber cafe, and other points of interest. Your logo is sure to get noticed on the T-shirts of these highly visible volunteers.


Connected and Refreshed
Scenes from receptions during the
2010 APS Annual Convention.