Fall 2009
Volume 3, Issue 1
Eye on the Future Research Focus

The Path to Graduate School
By Paul J. Schroeder and Nicole J. Bies-Hernandez

Class Choices and their Impact on Graduate School Admission
By Denise F. Donatien-Coder

Professional Development

Poster Presentations: A Guide for New Presenters
By Devin Harker

Undergraduate Superstar

Undergraduate Superstar: Teresa Madruga
Interviewed by Molly Petersen, Former APSSC Undergraduate Advocate

2009 Student Research Award Winners

Area Focus

Research on Eyewitness Testimony
By Joe Vitriol and Jason Mandelbaum

Student Notebook

The Difficulties of Scientific Writing
By Michael W. Kraus

Navigating the Potential Pitfalls of Online Visibility
By Jennifer C. Veilleux
Editor: Molly Petersen - Associate Editor: Peter M. Vernig