APS Observer Student Notebook

Welcome to the online home of the Student Notebook, a monthly column published in the APS Observer dedicated to issues of interest to graduate students in psychology. The Student Notebook features articles written by APS Student Caucus members on a variety of topics. Since 1990, the Student Notebook has served as a forum in which APSSC members can communicate their ideas, suggestions, and experiences to the members of APS.

Resources for Authors:

Twelve Tips for Authors by Henry L. Roediger, III (Observer, June/July 2007)

Publishing in Graduate School: Tips for New Graduate Students by Kristopher J. Preacher (Observer, April 2003)

Science Writing: Keep the Audience in Mind by Jill Kester Locantore (Observer, November 2001)

Instructions for Authors:

The Student Notebook publishes articles intended for graduate students in the field of psychology. Past topics have ranged from advice for handling issues faced by graduate students, descriptions of authors' unique research experiences, and discussions of important topics in the field of psychology. Members interested in writing for the Student Notebook are encouraged to review past articles to get an idea of the type and style of manuscripts that are printed.

Manuscripts should be 1,000 words (excluding title and references) in APA (5th edition) style. Abstracts are not necessary. References should be included when necessary, but are usually limited to 5-10 sources. When applicable, lists of resources for further information are encouraged. Figures and tables may be included when necessary. The Student Notebook does not publish theoretical articles, literature reviews, or original research reports. Please include a 2-3 sentence author note/bio along with your submission.

Past Issues:

Understanding Confidence Intervals (CI's) and Effect Size Estimation [2010]

Psychophysiology: Daunting or Doable? [2010]

They're Just Not That Into Your Research: Rejection in Academia [2010]

State of the APS Student Caucus [2010]

A Survival Guide for Your First Review Process [2010]

Navigating the Potential Pitfalls of Online Visibility [2009]

Research Opportunities for Health Psychologists in Primary Care [2009]

Non-Academic Careers: Plan A, Plan B, or Simply Curious [2009]

From Finding an Advisor to Creating Hypotheses: The Do's and Don't of Beginning a Thesis [2009]

2009 Student Research Award Winners [2009]

The Difficulties of Scientific Writing [2009]

Playing Guitar Hero to Understand Statistics [2009]

Psychologists Without Borders: A Graduate Student Perspective on Interdisciplinary Research [2009]

Student Events at the 21st Annual Convention [2009]

Adherence to Exercise and Older Adult [2008]

To Avoid "ABD," Follow Steps 1,2, and 3: How to Complete Your Dissertation Before a Clinical Internship [2008]

Educational Psychology: Looking Through a Different Window [2008]

2008-2009 APS Student Caucus Executive Board [2008]

“Show Me the Money”: Grant Writing Tips for Graduate Students [2008]

Beyond the t-test and F-test [2008]

Understanding Media Psychology [2008]

Student Events at the APS 20th Annual Convention [2008]

The Non-Traditional Transition to a PhD [2007]

Student Research in Psychology Courses [2007]

Student Events at the APS 10th Annual Convention [2007]

The Development of a Student-Operated Journal [2007]

Tips for Back to College: What I Wish I Knew [2006]

Student Events at 18th Annual Convention [2006]

What My Students Taught Me: Early Teaching Experiences [2006]

Beyond the Classroom Students can often feel far removed from the professional world. But increasing student participation in professional organizations is not only important, it's also not as difficult as it might seem. [2004]

Choosing a Dissertation Dissertation selection becoming a little overwhelming? Here are eight small things to consider before choosing the big one. [2004]

A Beginner's Guide to Graduate Advising A guide for students beginning advisor/advisee relationships. [2004]

Increasing Student Involvement at WPA his year’s annual meeting of the Western Psychological Association marked the inaugural meeting of the WPA Student Council of Representatives. [2003]

Gaining Admission: Tips and Strategies for Competitive Graduate School Applications Ready for the next level? December's Student Notebook makes sure of it, by offering advice and helpful resources on the graduate school application process. [2003]

Applying to Doctoral Graduate Programs Jason Barr debates the benefits and sacrifices of master's programs, offering first-hand insight on whether to pursue a master's when the eventual desire is to complete a doctorate. [2003]

Writing Grant Proposals As a follow-up to "Applying for Research Grants" [Observer, September 2003], this article describes general elements of each section of a grant proposal. [2003]

Student Grant Winners [2003]

RiSE-UP Examines Cultural Differences and Freshmen Anxiety [2003]

Consequences of Person-Environment Fit Across Contexts: We Are Where We Live [2003]

How to Get Published: Guidance from Journal Editors [2003]

All submissions and correspondence should be addressed to the Student Notebook Editor, Peter M. Vernig, at apssc.sneditor@psychologicalscience.org.