September 2008

President's Section:
History of Scientific Psychology

by Kelli Vaughn-Blount, APSSC President (E-mail Kelli)

Even the newest of psychology students can recite to you the study of Little Albert. Most of us have even taken the time to Google a follow up to find out what happened to Albert. However, we always seem to forget about Peter. Yes, I said Peter. Not ringing any bells? Mary Cover Jones, like most of us, wondered how to get rid of poor little Albert’s conditioned fear and decided to find out. Her 1924 article, A Laboratory Study of Fear: The Case of Peter, explored the necessary procedures to remove a conditioned fear response. To find out what happened to Peter click here.

Funding opportunity deadlines for September and October!
by Lisa E. Hasel, APSSC Past-President (E-mail Lisa)

Do you qualify for any of these awards? If you do, now is the time to act because the deadlines are fast approaching!

September 1st

September 4th

September 15th

September 30th

October 1st

October 2nd

October 3rd

October 6th

October 10th

October 15th

October 20th

October 31st

Campus Rep Spotlight: Michaela Bucchianeri
by Amy Crook, Membership & Volunteers Officer (E-mail Amy)
Each month, we'll be spotlighting a Campus Rep who has been successfully spreading the word about APS. Who else is more appropriate for the inaugural spotlight than last year's Campus Rep leader, former MVO Michaela Bucchianeri!

School: Notre Dame

Program: 4th year doctoral student in Counseling

What have you enjoyed most about being a Campus Rep? : I've enjoyed the extra chance to stay apprised of APSSC news and programs and the opportunity to introduce new students to APS!

What makes you most proud to be a part of the Campus Rep program? : I'm particularly proud of the level of involvement of the Reps last year. We had an increase in active Reps, which translated to greater overall involvement in our APSSC programs (e.g., more competition reviewers and submissions, more Convention volunteers), as well as a greater number of students attending the Campus Reps meeting at the Convention. It was exciting to see so much interest, especially from new Reps!

This Month in the Student Notebook –
On Becoming a Theorist in Psychology
by Peter M. Vernig, APSSC Student Notebook Editor
(E-mail Peter)

Brandon Randolph-Seng of Texas Tech University discusses the development of theories and theorists in the field of psychology. Theory construction is a critical aspect of the field, and one which often seems daunting to graduate students. Practical sources of theory are discussed, along with the career development of theorists.

Don't Miss the Undergraduate Update
by Molly Peterson,
Undergraduate Advocate
(E-mail Molly)

The Undergraduate Update is a bi-annual online publication written specifically for undergraduate members, and the first issue is now online! This publication is designed to give undergraduates the "inside scoop" by recurring sections such as Eyes on the Future, Professional Development, Research Focus, and special features such as interviews with top contributors to our field. The inaugural issue features an interview with Daniel Gilbert, author of the best-selling book Stumbling on Happiness.

Check out this new APSSC resource!

Helpful Hint for September:
Get the most out of conventions
by Jeremy Ashton Houska,
Communications & Marketing Officer
(E-mail Jeremy)
It seems as though conventions are the only quasi-vacations we academics can sneak into our busy schedules. But of course, our regional conferences and national conventions are no holiday. How can we get the most out of conventions?

In a classic Student Notebook article, Stephen Fiore offered three suggestions applicable to all conferences and conventions.
Click here to read the complete article.

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