January 2009

President's Section:
History of Scientific Psychology
by Kelli Vaughn-Blount, APSSC President

There is an ever-perpetuating myth among psychology students that there were no women, or only two or three, in the early days of psychology. In fact, there were over 100 women involved in the first 50 years of experimental psychology alone. Some of the first members of our national organizations were female scientists. So why don’t we here about them in all of those textbooks or from our professors? Most often, it is not a malicious omission but rather that someone has to first teach the teachers before they can teach us. Click here to begin your own self-study in to the history of women as psychological scientists.

Student Grant Competition Winners
by DeLeon L. Gray, Graduate Advocate

In an effort to support student research in psychology, the APS Student Caucus provides a funding source for APS student affiliates to conduct research that currently is in its initial development. Reviewers were particularly impressed by the intellectual merit of four proposals. The 2008 Student Grant Competition winners are:

Joshua Tabak, Cornell University

Anna Newheiser, Yale University

Katharine Shannon, University of Washington

Kristy Vance, DePaul University

We congratulate our grant winners and look forward to their results.

Campus Rep Spotlight:
Denise Liu

by Amy Crook, Membership & Volunteers Officer

This month we would like to recognize the campus representative who secured the most new memberships during Rally Week.

Denise Liu, National University of Singapore.

Name of program: Experimental Psychology

Degree currently pursuing: M.Soc.Sci.

How long you have been a student in your program? I'm in my second year (I'll be done by February next year if nothing goes wrong!)

How long have you been a student affiliate of APS? I've been a part of APS since July 2008. I received a complimentary membership as one of my professors wrote an article for the Observer (“Psychology in Singapore” featured in the “Psychology around the world” section in the May 2008 issue).

How long have you been a Campus Rep? I’ve been a campus rep since July as well.

What do you think was your most successful event for Rally Week? Probably the mass emails to all psychology students! The NUS Psychology Society was also kind enough to help me publicize through email as well.

What is the most exciting part of being a Campus Rep? Getting in touch with undergraduates and promoting APS!

Funding opportunities and deadlines for January & February
by Lisa E. Hasel, APSSC Past-President
Do you qualify for any of these awards? If you do, now is the time to act because the deadlines are fast approaching!

January 15th

January 21st

January 25th

January 30th

February 1st

February 3rd

February 4th

February 15th

February 23rd

For more information about these particular opportunities and even more, check out the APSSC's Online Funding Database!

This Month in the Student Notebook –
The State of the The Caucus
by Peter M. Vernig, APSSC Student Notebook Editor

Be sure to read the Student Notebook this month for a review of the past year, and an update on the activities and projects underway at the APSSC.

Helpful Hint for January:
Find out where you stand.
by Jeremy Ashton Houska,
Communications & Marketing Officer

This month's helpful hint or suggestion is simply to find where you stand on key issues in our discipline. One of the frequent debates concerns teaching and research.

Some have said "those who can't teach" or "don't let your teaching conflict with your research," while others conduct research on effective teaching practices. What does one do in light of these differing philosophies? According to Doug Bernstein, "[It] is a matter of priorities, not any inherent conflict between the world of teaching and the world of research." Bernstein and other APS Fellows such as Evelyn Satinoff, Robert Rescorla, and Robert Cialdini weigh in on this topic in Eric Jaffe's 2004 article "Those Who Can, Teach."

Click here to read the Observer article.

So, student affiliates, where do you stand? Go to the APSSC Facebook group under the Discussion Topic "Teaching Corner."