Student Events at the 22nd Annual APS Convention

Past APSSC President Kelli Vaughn-Blount leads the Students Teaching Students panel.

This year's annual APS convention in Boston featured events hosted by APSSC which were geared towards a variety of audiences, ranging from undergraduates, to graduate students, and young professionals. The APSSC events focused on disseminating expert advice on a variety of topics. The popular Naked Truth panels gave students and early-career psychologists information about the next steps in their professional development. The Student Research Award and RiSE-UP Research Award Symposia included students presenting a wide range of award-winning research studies. The Journal Editors' panel included practical advice on getting published and navigating the editorial process. The Champion's of Psychology event gave students a unique opportunity to sit down and talk to some of the luminaries in our field. A special addition to the APSSC programming this year, the Art and Science of Exemplary Teaching panel was a huge success with graduate students and professionals alike.
The 2010-2011 APSSC Board would like to thank all of the presenters, panelists, and chairs that made these events possible. Additionally, we recognize the APSSC volunteers and APS staff who made the Convention as a whole, and our student events, so successful! Planning is already underway for the 2011 Convention, so be sure to come see us May 26 to 29, 2011 in Washington, DC.

APS Student Caucus Convention Kickoff and Student Social
Chair: Jeremy Ashton Houska
This year's APSSC Convention Kickoff and Student Social was held at McGreevy's Irish Pub located across from the Sheraton. Nearly 300 attendees enjoyed complimentary food and beverages provided by APS. Students connected with like-minded colleagues by wearing their research area stickers with pride, and some lucky students won APS swag during an icebreaker activity. The informal student gathering allowed the APSSC Executive Board to introduce themselves to their constituents, answer questions about the APSSC, and promote student events at the Convention. A good time was had by all!

The Naked Truth I: Getting Into Graduate School
Chairs: Peter M. Vernig and Nathaniel S. Ring
The 2010 Naked Truth I: Getting Into Graduate School panel was an excellent opportunity for students and others who are considering applying to graduate school in psychology to get some practical advice and have their questions answered by a group of current graduate students from diverse academic backgrounds. Laura C. Ball of York University in Toronto, Aviva M. Katz of Suffolk University in Boston, Courtney Peasant of The University of Memphis, and Erin Shelton of the University of Southern California discussed contacting prospective mentors, locating letter-writers, applying to international programs, and the all important "fit" between an applicant and the program. Attendees kept the panelists busy with well thought-out questions until the end of this heavily attended panel.

The Naked Truth II: Surviving Graduate School
Chair: Kelly Buckholdt
This panel offered advice and answers on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities of graduate school. David Berle (The University of New South Wales, Australia) offered an international perspective and advice on managing time when studying part time. Time management was a recurrent theme, and Shannon Audley-Piotrowski (The University of Memphis) shared how this skill makes it possible to balance school and family. Aerika S. Brittian (Tufts University) and Paul J. Schroeder (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) offered guidance on navigating relationships with peers and professors and getting the most out of your training. Art S. Fergusson (Suffolk University) offered advice on entering a PhD program from a master program and adjusting to school after working full-time.

The Naked Truth III: Life After Graduate School
Chair: Kelli Vaughn-Blount
This year's "Life after Graduate School" panel focused on navigating the job market in the current economic climate. Psychologists from a variety of settings discussed finding the first post-graduate job and answered questions from the audience. The panelists included Michael Bowers, a post-doctoral fellow from the University of Maryland, Gary Fireman, Chair of the Psychology Department at Suffolk University, Michael Bowers, Chair of the Psychology Department at the University of Maryland, Jared W. Keeley, an assistant professor at Mississippi State University, and Tara Kuther, a professor at Western Connecticut State University.

The Art and Science of Exemplary Teaching
Chairs: Jeremy Ashton Houska and Andrew Christopher
The purpose of this event was to discuss ways in which new instructors can improve their teaching practices, as well as to conduct scientifically sound research on teaching and learning. Event chairs and members of the audience posed questions to a diverse group of panelists representing psychological science and the scholarship of teaching and learning. The APSSC was honored to feature Victor Benassi, David Copeland, David Daniel, Susan Nolan, Henry Roediger, and Tracy Zinn. One of the many nuggets of wisdom taken away from the session was that "there may be an art to teaching, but it must always rest upon good (psychological) science."

How to Get Published: Guidance from Journal Editors
Chair: Mandi White-Ajmani
This year, the APSSC welcomed Shinobu Kitayama (Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin), Andrew Christopher (Teaching of Psychology), and David Daniel (Mind, Brain, and Education) to its annual Journal Editors' panel. These editors shared their expertise, experience, and great senses of humor, each presenting on different aspects of the publishing process and answering questions from the audience. Over 200 attendees learned how to write and publish a good empirical paper, how to revise and resubmit, and how to deal with the "dark side" of publishing.

RiSE-UP Research Award Addresses
Chair: James Vaughn
This year's winners presented their work during the 2010 RiSE-UP Research Award Symposium. The winners were: Stephen H. Chen (University of California, Berkeley) for his submission titled "Relations of Cultural Orientation, Parental Expressivity, and Childhood Outcomes in Chinese-American Families," Igor Grossman (University of Michigan) for his submission titled "The Impact of Culture on Adaptive Versus Maladaptive Self-Reflection," Paul J. Schroeder, III (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) for his submission titled "The Use of Contextual Information on a Working Memory Span Test," and Lawrence Tran (Oklahoma State University) for his submission titled "Coverage of Diversity in Introductory Psychology Textbooks." Congratulations to the winners for their hard work! To those of you who do research on or for the benefit of underrepresented populations, consider submitting your research for the 2011 RiSE-UP Research Award.

APSSC Campus Representatives Meeting
Chair: Kris Gunawan
The purpose of this meeting was to recognize and reflect on the accomplishments of the APSSC campus representatives. Students had the opportunity to meet with the 2010-2011 APSSC Board and to share their ideas for future goals in the campus rep program. In addition, campus reps were able to interact with other campus reps to discuss methods for communicating with students and increasing the awareness of psychological science.

Student Research Award Addresses
Chair: Kelly Buckholdt
This event featured winners of the 2010 Student Research Award competition, who were selected through a peer-review process for their outstanding research. This year's presenters were Winnie Wai Lan Chan (The University of Hong Kong), Julie Walsh Messinger (Long Island University), Sara House (Loyola University Chicago), and Eva Padilla (University of New Mexico). This year, strong applicants represented a range of fields of psychological science, with the winners drawn from the areas of developmental, clinical, cognitive, and personality psychology. Apply in Fall 2010, and you could be the next APS Student Affiliate to be recognized for your research!

Champions of Psychology
Chair: Kelli Vaughn-Blount
The APS Student Caucus was honored to present the annual Champions of Psychology event, which provided the unique opportunity for student affiliates to talk in an informal setting with some of the most respected and well-known scientists in psychology. This year, the APSSC welcomed Mahzarin R. Banaji (Harvard University), Linda Bartoshuk (University of Florida), Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr. (Texas A&M University), Lisa Feldman Barrett (Boston College), Morton Ann Gernsbacher (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Alan E. Kazdin (Yale University), Scott O. Lilienfeld (Emory University), Robert J. Sternberg (Tufts University), Anne Treisman (Princeton University), Elke U. Weber (Columbia University), Gary P. Latham (University of Toronto, Canada), and G. Terence Wilson (Rutgers University) to share their knowledge with the students who attended this full-to-capacity event.