APSSC Executive Board (Past Executive Boards)


Peter Vernig
Suffolk University

Pete Vernig is a sixth-year doctoral student at Suffolk University in Boston. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Colorado Denver, and earned his Master's at Suffolk. His research involves the development of behavioral models for alcohol abuse and dependence, as well as abnormalities in psychophysiological and self-reported emotional responding among alcohol dependent individuals. Pete is actively involved in teaching, and has taught and developed undergraduate and graduate level courses at a number of colleges throughout the Boston area. He maintains active involvement in several professional organizations advocating scientific clinical psychology, and his clinical work centers on evidence-based assessment and treatment for a variety of populations. He has worked in a number of diverse settings, including inpatient psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.


Jeremy Ashton Houska
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Jeremy Ashton Houska recently completed his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, and is now an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Concordia University in Chicago. He is particularly interested in the use of cognitive psychology to inform pedagogy and promote student learning outcomes. Jeremy has also conducted research in the areas of memory, text processing, narrative-based persuasion, interpersonal attraction, and the teaching of psychology. He has also been honored by a number of awards for his teaching efforts, including the Society for the Teaching of Psychology's Wilbert J. McKeachie Teaching Excellence Award (2009).

Communications and Marketing Officer

Nathan Medeiros-Ward
University of Utah

Nathan Medeiros-Ward is a third-year doctoral student in the Cognitive and Neural Sciences program at the University of Utah. He completed his undergraduate work at Calvin College where he majored in psychology and conducted research on automaticity and priming. His current research consists of better understanding multitasking and divided attention in both theoretical and applied contexts. In addition, Nate is interested in embodied cognition as it relates to language comprehension.

Graduate Advocate

Jessica Wong
University of Chicago

Jessica Wong is a third-year doctoral student in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Chicago. Her research uses behavioral and neuroimaging methods to investigate age-related changes in memory and their underlying neural mechanisms. Jessica's current research projects are investigating metacognition and retrieval monitoring in aging. Through her work in the APSSC and at her home institution, Jessica enjoys advocating for her peers and is looking forward to serving as the APSSC Graduate Advocate this year.

Membership and Volunteers Officer

Andy DeSoto
Washington University, St. Louis

Andy DeSoto is a second-year doctoral student in the Brain, Behavior, & Cognition program at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. He studies human learning and memory and is currently investing the correlation between memory confidence and memory accuracy and its implication for basic psychological and eyewitness testimony research. He is also interested in the intersection of psychology and technology and public perceptions of the field. He received his undergraduate degree in psychology and computer science at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, where he did work in sentence memory and the phenomenon of zoning out while reading.

RiSE-UP Coordinator

Paul Schroeder
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Paul Schroeder is a seventh-year doctoral student in the Experimental Psychology program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His research examines cognitive changes that accompany healthy aging, such as memory and language abilities. Paul has been a student-affiliate of APS since 2001. He has co-authored two articles for the Undergraduate Update, served as a member of the RiSE-UP Committee on Aging, contributed to the RiSE-UP handbook, and was a recipient of the 2010 RiSE-UP Research Award. Paul teaches introductory and advanced level undergraduate Psychology courses at UNLV.

Student Notebook Editor

Mandi White-Ajmani
Suffolk University

Mandi White-Ajmani is returning to the APSSC Board as Student Notebook Editor this year. She defended her dissertation in March and will be completing her clinical internship this summer, making her a bona fide Ph.D.! Her research interests focus on exploring personality and situational predictors of violent extremism, and she used the Hot Sauce Paradigm in her dissertation to study the role of moral disengagement in violent behavior. Her other research interests include improving clinical assessment methods and using these methods to better match clients with appropriate empirically supported clinical treatment. She will be continuing research in these areas and more at her post-doc fellowship at InSPIRES, a multidisciplinary research institute at NYU/Bellevue Hospital.

Undergraduate Advocate

Nathaniel Ring
Ball State University

Nathaniel "Nate" Ring is a first-year graduate student in Cognitive and Social Processes program at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. His research interests focus on judgment and decision making, and he conducts research focusing on applying cognitive and social psychology to pedagogy. His other interests include computing technology, the history of psychology, and writing. He has been an active member of APSSC since 2008 serving as a campus representative, region representative, and is delighted to serve as the undergraduate advocate for 2010-2011.