Festschrift in Honor of Elliot Aronson

Friends and colleagues of Elliot Aronson celebrated his dedication to psychology at a banquet and a day long Festschrift in his honor.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Opening Remarks and Welcome


Taking the Leap of Faith With the ‘Aronsonian’ Tradition of Applied Experimental Social Psychology
Jeff Stone


From Consistency About Self to Consistency for Others: Traveling the Road to Vicarious Dissonance
Joel Cooper


The Jigsaw Classroom and Beyond: Improving Intergroup Relations When Contacting Groups Have Unequal Status
Anthony G. Greenwald


The Jigsaw Path From Lewin to Aronson: The Potential of Experiential Education in Creating Relevant, Challenging, and Powerful Learning Where Theory Emerges From Practice
Charles Seashore


Social Psychology’s Golden Age: Can We Go Back to the Future?
John Darley


Social Psychology and the Nature and Nurture of Human Intelligence
Joshua Aronson


The Storyteller’s Art in the Science of Psychology
Carol Tavris


Without a Net: Aronsonian Artistry as a ‘Best Practice’ in Undergraduate Teaching and Graduate Training
Marti Hope Gonzales
and Closing Remarks by Elliot Aronson

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