Inside the Psychologist’s Studio: Elliot Aronson

The Scientist and the Humanist: A Conversation with Elliot Aronson

Hosted by Carol Tavris and Joshua Aronson

April 11, 2008 — Boise, Idaho

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So far, it is the best conversation I have heard on the subject of social Psychology by a renowned psychologist himself.

Great interview! We are so lucky to have Eliot Aronson as an ambassador for social psychology. I am going to make it required viewing for my social psych students and my research assistants!

What a beautiful conversation. One of the best I have listened to and I am not even in the business of psychology.

I so enjoyed the conversation by Eliot Aronson especially the part about racial bias within the society and how certain sect of people are perceived by others. I truly enjoyed the experimental factor of having the groups come together to work on finding a solution for a problem by working together and analyzing the positive results for a successful conclusion to conflict.

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