Student Notebook

Student Grant Winners

The APS Student Caucus would like to thank everyone who entered the 2003 APSSC Student Grant Competition. In a peer-reviewed process, the research of three graduate students and one undergraduate student were selected as the 2003 winners:

– Ming-Chou Ho, University of Kansas, “Perceptual Load Affects Mechanisms of Object-based Attention”
– Peter Mezo, University of Hawaii at Manoa, “A Study of Beliefs, Attitudes, and Self-Control: Evaluating the Relationship Between Schizotypy and Self-Control Skills”
– Lori Scott-Sheldon, University of Connecticut, “The Effects of Product Placement on Condom Attitudes and Intentions”

– Melanie Au, California State University at Sacramento, “The Effect of Visual Presentation and Cues on the Misinformation Effect”

Special thanks are also extended to the reviewers of these grant proposals.

Observer Vol.16, No.8 August, 2003

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