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Super Rare Items Are Most Likely to Be Missed

Jobs in security, medicine, and other fields require employees to identify a target in the midst of distracting information. How good are we at picking out rare but important targets? ... More>

Study: smartphone game shows baggage screeners likely to miss ultra-rare items

Visual System ‘Prioritizes’ Information for Conscious Access

We are continuously flooded with visual information from our environment. A collection of new studies suggests that visual working memory may help to select which information reaches conscious awareness. ... More>

Sensory Memory Can Improve Decision Making

A brief delay between seeing a stimulus and having to make a decision about it can improve the accuracy of our decision, even if we don’t receive any new information in the meantime. ... More>

New Research From Psychological Science

A sample of new research exploring: statistical mediation analysis; visual working memory; power and self-labeling; animacy and memory; and unintended consequences of health warnings. ... More>