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Presidential Column

Isolation, Interdisciplinarity, Inspiration

Establishing a research career at a small liberal arts college can be challenging, but small colleges can also provide unique opportunities. ... More>

Presidential Column

Reality Monitoring

What is "reality"? As part of normal comprehension, people construct a model of the situation, drawing on general world knowledge about objects in the environment, people's intentions and actions, etc. In doing so, they run the risk of importing new information. ... More>

Presidential Column

Save the Hyphens

As an assistant professor, I profited over several years from a small annual conference at Nags Head NC, sponsored by Bibb Latané, at which we presented our research in T-shirts […]... More>

Presidential Column

Donald W. Fiske

This month’s column is a memorial to one of the field’s pioneering researchers in methodology, who happened to also be Susan Fiske’s father. He passed away after a long illness, […]... More>

Observer Article

So You Want To Be a Social Neuroscientist?

In this guest column, Lisa Feldman Barrett, an emotions researcher who employs a wide range of methodologies, reflects on starting up a new line of expertise, with some tips for […]... More>