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APS to Launch New Research Methodologies and Practices Journal

APS is launching a new journal to serve as the home for new developments in research methodology and practices, and is seeking nominations for Founding Editor of the forthcoming publication. ... More>

Improving Research Practices, From Beginning to End

Efforts to promote replication, preregistration, and new analytic approaches represent some of the advances psychologists have been making toward improving research practices. What comes next? ... More>

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Lindsay Talks Plans for Psychological Science

This is a photo of D. Stephen Lindsay.

Psychological Science Editor in Chief D. Stephen Lindsay discusses his plans for APS's flagship journal. ... More>


What Is Preregistration, Anyway?

An update to the Psychological Science submissions guidelines explains what preregistration entails, and how the journal is recognizing authors who follow this open-science practice. ... More>

What Your Brain Looks Like When It Solves a Math Problem