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Behind the Music: Human Factors Rap

Students and faculty from George Mason University's Human Factors and Applied Cognition Arch Laboratory created a rap video to help explain what human factors is. APS sat down with Tyler Shaw, also known as the Human Factors Rapper. ... More>


Crossing Borders to Build a Better Robot

Roberta Klatzky has spent much of her career getting to know robots. Thanks to the Humboldt Research Award, Klatzky, who is APS Treasurer, got to experience a new aspect of robotics during her stay at the Institute of Automatic Control Engineering (LSR) at the Technical University of Munich in Germany. ... More>

What scientists are doing about creepy CGI humans

Loving the iPhone? Thank Steve Jobs and Human-Computer Interactions

The late Steve Jobs is considered the Thomas Edison of our time. His innovations revolutionized the way we live our lives and interact with others. The need for a human element in these electronics has led to new, multidisciplinary areas of psychological research such as the field of human-computer interaction (HCI).... More>