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Psychological Science Around the World

Funding Woes for British Universities

It's a hard time to be a researcher in Britain. Michael Lamb, University of Cambridge, explains that British universities are preparing for tough times, but the misery will not be shared equally. ... More>

Psychological Science Around the World

Psychological Science Around the World: Latin America

In Latin America, psychological science is a growing field with a promising future despite its young professional and scientific history. Ezequiel Benito, Argentina, shares history and discusses areas in which Latin American psychological scientists must keep evolving to make their science more global. ... More>

Psychological Science Around the World

Publication Statistics Show Collaboration, Not Competition

Changing the name from American Psychological Society to Association for Psychological Science triggered a substantive gestalt switch in my perception of our organization. I welcomed the change as a commitment […]... More>

Psychological Science Around the World

Psychology in Singapore

When I was preparing to come to the National University of Singapore (NUS) for a one-year visiting appointment in 1991 (a stay which has now stretched to 17 years), many […]... More>

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Psychology Teachers in Cambodia

Journal entry, December 21st, 2006: I arrived in Phnom Penh with bruises on my arm from juggling heavy cargo all the way from Maine. Happily, every one of the three […]... More>