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Psychology, Open Science, and Government: The Opportunity

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Psychological scientists are being explicitly invited to a prime spot in government policy development. Guest columnist David Yokum of the US government’s Social and Behavioral Sciences Team urges APS members to accept that invitation — and explains why they should bring their blossoming open science practices with them. ... More>


Karpicke Honored by White House

The White House has announced that Jeffrey D. Karpicke, James V. Bradley Associate Professor at Purdue University, is the recipient of a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. ... More>

A Seat at the Table

Practically every challenge facing modern society is fueled in part by entrenched behaviors that science can help understand and perhaps change. The federal government is creating a team that will give a broader set of behavioral scientists a seat at the table in policymaking. ... More>


White House Announces BRAIN Initiative

President Barack Obama has announced the BRAIN Initiative, an ambitious program designed to treat, cure, and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, and other brain disorders. ... More>

Scarr's Presidential Symposium Takes on Genetics and Personality

How can it be that happiness is more genetically than environmentally variable? Are leaders born and not reared? Are socially retiring people born to be shy? Is love of sky-diving […]... More>