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George A. Miller, a Pioneer in Cognitive Psychology, Is Dead at 92

For 49 years, Herb Pick was a scientist and mentor at U

Remembering David E. Rumelhart (1942-2011)


Throughout the active period of his career, Rumelhart was remarkable for his intensity, not only in science but also in sports like ping-pong and volleyball. As the remembrances below attest, many people continue to be inspired by his example of what can be accomplished in life — even one cut tragically short — by never holding back. ... More>

Remembrance: G. Alan Marlatt

Distinguished addiction researcher G. Alan Marlatt is remembered by friends and colleagues. ... More>

In Remembrance of William K. Estes

National Medal of Science recipient Bill Estes passed away on August 17th at the age of 92. His long and productive career encompassed the science of learning and memory from behaviorism to cognitive science, with seminal contributions to both. He was also an active member of APS and was the founding editor of the journal Psychological Science.... More>