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Presidential Column

What’s New at Perspectives

Bobbie Spellman

“I want Perspectives on Psychological Science to help change the way we communicate Psychology research,” I wrote when I agreed to be the Editor ofPerspectives. ... More>

Presidential Column

Vying for the Prize

ike it or not, competition is a fact of life, the driving force behind evolution, and an intrinsic part of the human experience. Any time two or more parties, whether they are individuals, sports teams, corporate groups, political parties, or countries, strive to attain a goal that cannot be shared, competition will occur. ... More>

Presidential Column

Why We Like What We Like

Paul Bloom’s How Pleasure Works: The New Science of Why We Like What We Like provides a wonderful set of arguments for why we love what we love. In my own work I was struck that children seem to have automatic preferences toward social groups that mimic the adult state (in spite of far less experience) and have been working to understand these preferences and their origins. ... More>

Presidential Column

‘There Is Something Very Important Going on Here and I Want to Be a Part of It’

There are times when each of us knows that there is something very important going on he re. In 1988, I had such an experience. A society was forming that was to put front and center a commitment to scientific psychology for the first time. Like that working woman inexplicably drawn to a theater in New Haven on a March evening in 1959, I had heard in the neighborhood that such an entity could change the future of my science, and I wanted to be part of it. ... More>