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Remembering Daniel M. Wegner

An acclaimed experimental psychologist is remembered for injecting inventive insights into any conversation. ... More>

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What We Know Now: How Psychological Science Has Changed Over a Quarter Century

APS highlights some of the fields that have emerged or matured, how they have integrated other scientific disciplines, and how researchers are collaborating with international peers. ... More>


Remembering Herbert L. Pick, Jr.

A renowned developmental psychologist is remembered for pioneering the study of cognitive mapping. ... More>


The Biggest Brain (Sculpture) in the World

Indiana University Bloomington now holds bragging rights to the world’s largest anatomically correct sculpture of a human brain. ... More>

Recognizing 125 Years of Psychological Research Excellence

Indiana University’s first psychology laboratory opened in 1888 with humble beginnings. But 125 years later, it now stands as the longest continuing psychology laboratory in the United States. ... More>