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Getting the point across: Scientists find managers who frequently make pointing gestures tend to be obeyed

Who’s in the Know? To a Preschooler, the Person Doing the Pointing

If you want a preschooler to get the point, point. That’s a lesson that can be drawn from a new study in Psychological Science, a journal published by the Association for Psychological Science.  As part of their investigation of how small children know what other people know, the authors, Carolyn Palmquist and Vikram K. Jaswal of the University of Virginia, found they were able to mislead preschoolers with the simple introduction of a pointing gesture.  “Children were willing to attribute knowledge to a person solely based on the gesture they used to convey the information,” says Palmquist. “They have built up such a strong belief in the knowledge that comes along with pointing that it trumps everything else, including what they see with their eyes.” ... More>

A Gesture of Authority: What’s the Point?