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Remembering the Father of Cognitive Psychology

Ira Hyman and colleagues recollect Ulric Neisser, a pioneer in relating thought and behavior. ... More>

A Psychologist Goes To The Zoo: An Interview with Terry L. Maple

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A Zoo Where the Animals Come First

A psychological scientist turned zoo executive shares perspectives from his career. ... More>

12th European Workshop on Ecological Psychology


The 2012 EWEP will bring together researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds that are inspired by the theoretical concepts and experimental programs of the ecological approach to perception and action and, more broadly, to psychology. The goal of the workshop is to discuss recent developments in the large domain of perception and action, including issues in system dynamics, motor control, theory of affordances, coordination, learning, development, driving and flying, tool use, sports skills, and more. Organized around thematic symposia, considerable time will be allotted to plenary discussions and poster presentations. The aim of the workshop is to allow all delegates to participate actively. ... More>

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