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Presidential Column

A Science We Can Believe In

APS, our Board and our Members are against scientific misconduct… at least (by my estimate--more on that below) 98.03 percent of them are. Does this sound like something newsworthy enough to devote a column to? I’ve decided to interrupt my planned series of opinion pieces to write a bit about (mis)conduct and the practices of science. My main motivation is to offer a large dose of optimism to some younger psychological scientists who may be in danger of slipping into cynicism about our field. This column benefited from extensive help from Rumen Iliev, a postdoctoral fellow in our lab. ... More>

Presidential Column

The Value(s) of IRBs

Guest columnist Scott Atran discusses the relationship between terrorism research and institutional review boards. ... More>

Presidential Column

The Case of the Invisible Experimenter(s)

Can researchers really make themselves disappear? ... More>

Presidential Column

Fields for Psychology


As it sits, our field appears to be way overinvested in lab studies and strikingly underinvested in field studies. Why would we not want to see a greater focus on field studies? ... More>