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Study links synaesthesia with coloured fridge magnets

Learning and Memory May Play a Central Role in Synesthesia

People with color-grapheme synesthesia experience color when viewing written letters or numerals, usually with a particular color evoked by each grapheme (i.e., the letter ‘A’ evokes the color red). In a new study, researchers present data from 11 color grapheme synesthetes who had startlingly similar color-letter pairings that were traceable to childhood toys containing magnetic colored letters. ... More>

True Blue Stands Out in an Earthy Crowd

Crisscrossing Senses

Ever wonder what the number 5 tastes like? What color is G sharp? Or what type of personality does January have? If you were a synesthete, you might be able to answer these questions. ... More>

Infants Possess Intermingled Senses