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Border Bias: Mapping Risk and Safety

I once lived within a short walking distance of a state line, and I had a friend who lived right on the avenue that was the dividing line. That meant […]... More>

Barroom genetics: Triggering heavy drinking

Recovering alcoholics are generally counseled to stay away from “people, places and things”—anything, that is, that might be a cue for drinking. Bars are an especially potent trigger for the […]... More>

Fast food, racing thoughts

Fast food is unhealthy. I know, I know. Few of us need convincing of that fact any more. But as unassailable as it is, the brief against fast food has […]... More>

Hyper-binding ain’t for sissies

Imagine this hypothetical scenario: You’re at a cocktail party and the host introduces you to a stranger, whose name is Jeremy. It’s a crowded party, and as you chat with […]... More>