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Turn That Frown Upside Down

How can you make your day better? Turn that frown upside down. As corny as that phrase is, science can back it up. As part of the Wall Street Journal's "Is It True" video series, Christina Tsuei interviewed APS member George Bonanno about whether smiles really do improve your mood. The video below also references a 2010 study published in Psychological Science, Cosmetic Use of Botulinum Toxin-A Affects Processing of Emotional Language.... More>

Is Violence Declining? APS Fellow Steven Pinker Says “Yes”

In his new book The Better Angels of Our Nature, APS Fellow Steven explains why he believes that “violence has been in decline for thousands of years, and we may be living in the most peaceful era in our species’ existence.” ... More>

<em>Better Angels</em>, Believe It or Not

Two World Wars, the Cold War, and the rise of terrorism must make the past century one of the most violent in the history of our species, right? Not according to Harvard psychologist and APS member Steven Pinker whose new book, The Better Angels of our Nature, argues that violence is declining. According to Pinker, we are actually living in the most peaceful era in human history.... More>

Remembrance: G. Alan Marlatt

Distinguished addiction researcher G. Alan Marlatt is remembered by friends and colleagues. ... More>


Nock Receives McArthur ‘Genius Award’ Fellowship

Matthew Nock of Harvard University was awarded the 2011 MacArthur Fellowship for his research on suicide and self-injury among adolescents and adults.... More>