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Rising Stars

In case there was any doubt, the future of psychological science is in good hands. In its continuing series, the Observer presents more Rising Stars, exemplars of today's young psychological scientists. Although they may not be advanced in years, they are already making great advancements in science.... More>

Member Profile: A Pillar of Psychology

In a few months, Janet Taylor Spence will be fully retired from the University of Texas-Austin, an institution at which she has taught, researched, published, and flourished for the past […]... More>

Member Profile: Something Old, Something New

Charles Hamad, an experienced gardener and strong supporter of psychological research, knew it would not be a bed of roses when he took over as director of the Southbury Training […]... More>

Member Profile: Internet Without Angst: APS Member John Krantz Maintains Tidy APS Home on Web

“Internet is a huge resource but it’s incredibly disorganized, with everyone doing their own thing,” said John Krantz, assistant professor of Psychology at Hanover College. “So I thought it would […]... More>