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Twenty Years Later, Gibson’s Advice Is Still Good

Eleanor J. “Jackie” Gibson used her keynote address at the 1993 APS Convention as a call to arms against dualism, reductionism, and a losing dichotomy between nature and nurture. Much of her advice still rings true. ... More>

Cover Story

Our Silver and Golden Age

As APS hits its Silver Anniversary, is psychological science in a “Golden Age”? Daniel Cervone mines for answers, and finds some contemporary scientific advances that would surprise psychological scientists of a quarter-century ago. ... More>


Remembering George A. Miller

Colleagues recall more than seven stories about the life and science of eminent cognitive psychologist George A. Miller, author of the famous paper “The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two.” ... More>

Observer Article

Charter Member Memories

The Observer recently invited our charter members to share their memories of APS. What was happening at the founding of the Association? What prompted them to join and remain loyal […]... More>

Celebrating 20 Years of Advancing Psychological Science

APS was founded in 1988 to advance scientific psychology. The vision of our founders was instrumental in making APS a success story and members have guided this effort with leadership, […] More>