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2013 APS Award Address: Elaine F. Walker

Research on the origins of serious mental illness has benefited greatly from advances in developmental neuroscience. With these advances, we now have a clearer picture of the complex interplay between […]... More>

Increased Meta-Perceptions of Agreeableness and Extraversion Predict Partner Satisfaction

Meta-perceptions are defined as judgments made by the self about what others think about the self. This research predicted partner satisfaction from meta-perceptions of personality. ... More>

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Orchestras Without a Conductor

[VIDEO] In his keynote address, Michael S. Gazzaniga suggests the brain may work through local gossip rather than central planning. ... More>

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From Molecules to the Mind

[VIDEO] In the Presidential Symposium at the 25th APS Annual Convention, four distinguished psychological scientists took attendees on a psychological and biological tour exploring how we form memories.  ... More>

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Brain Differences Are Not Always Deficits

[VIDEO] In her Bring the Family Address at the 25th APS Annual Convention, language-processing researcher Morton Ann Gernsbacher explained why it makes more sense to accept disabilities like autism as examples of brain diversity rather than viewing them as defects. ... More>