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Geraldine Dawson, Autism Sleuth

The exploding prevalence of autism — a greater than tenfold increase in the last 40 years, with current estimates of one in 88 children in the United States affected — amounts to an emerging public health crisis. ... More>

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The Military as Microcosm

The United States military may be a unique institution, but it is also a microcosm of society as a whole — especially when it comes to health care. The treatment of soldiers, their families, and veterans can illustrate how large-scale organizations are able to increase the use of treatments that have been scientifically tested and validated when they provide behavioral health care. ... More>

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Passionate Love

If there’s one sentiment shared by all great artists, from Shakespeare to Beyoncé (not that we’re comparing the two), it’s this: Love is intense. Only in the last century have psychological scientists begun to regard passionate love as a viable research topic. ... More>

Psychological Science Is Important (video)

APS Executive Director Alan G. Kraut Psychological science is important, as APS Executive Director Alan G. Kraut reminds us. By itself, psychological science produces a rich understanding of behavior. When […]... More>

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A Musical Mind

Psi Chi Distinguished Speaker E. Glenn Schellenberg reviews the cognitive, social, and emotional side effects of musical training at the 24th APS Annual Convention. ... More>