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Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Claremont Graduate University James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has devoted his career to studying what makes people happy. His books and scientific research publications on creativity, innovation, and […]... More>


Conoley Named Acting Chancellor


APS Fellow Jane Close Conoley has been named Acting Chancellor of the University of California, Riverside. She is currently a professor of counseling, clinical, and school psychology and the dean of the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara. ... More>

Convention Coverage

Bullying Goes Digital

Facebook, text messages, and email are the tools of the 21st century bully — so psychological scientists are working hard to keep up with tech-savvy aggressors. As they explore the causes and consequences of cyberbullying, researchers aren’t shying away from the challenge. ... More>

Convention Coverage

The Power of Agreeableness

Michael D. Robinson thinks that figuring out why some people are agreeable can lead to interventions that help disagreeable people avoid anger, aggression, and failed relationships. ... More>

Thomas F. Denson

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia What does your research focus on? I am a social psychologist interested in the causes and consequences of anger and aggression. The work […]... More>