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Student Notebook

A History of Our Future: APS’s Student Caucus

n the summer of 1988, Kathleen Chwalisz, then a graduate student at the University of Iowa, attended a pajama party in Bonnie Stickland's suite at the APA Convention. (In response to the smokers attended by the male leaders of the field, the grandes dames of psychology threw "jammy parties" for themselves and their proteges.) The talk of this particular party was the recent formation of APS and, as the women discussed the new organization, Chwalisz suggested that a student group should be a part of it. After several of her peers responded positively to the idea, she agreed to organize the new group.... More>

William James Fellow Award Address: Charles R. Gallistel

Matching As Innate Policy: Implications for the Study of Learning and Economic Decision Making Charles R. Gallistel 18th APS Annual Convention New York, NY – 2006... More>

Inside the Psychologist’s Studio: Michael Gazzaniga

APS Past President Michael Gazzaniga, University of California, Santa Barbara, is one of the world’s leading neuroscientists. He received a PhD in psychobiology from the California Institute of Technology and […]... More>

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Student Events at 18th Annual Convention

The 18th Annual Convention featured a full slate of student-oriented events produced by the APS Student Caucus Board in collaboration with the APS staff and student-affiliate members. The program included […]... More>

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David Myers on Teaching Psychological Science Through Writing

David Myers, Hope College, was prevailed upon to deliver the inaugural APS Lecture on Teaching Psychology at the APS 18th Annual Convention. His address, “Teaching Psychological Science Through Writing,” focused […]... More>