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Convention Issue ‘concise guide’

Pamela J. Drake praises APS's Convention coverage. ... More>

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ABCs of IRBs

Human Subject Protection: IRBs Made (The Big) Easy! Hosted by: Jeffery Cohen, Office of Human Research Protections and Barbara Spellman, University of Virginia Jeffery Cohen, federal Office for Human Research […]... More>

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Not-So-Cosmic Gender Differences

The Auditory System as a Window onto Human Prenatal Development and Sexual Differentiation Presenter: Dennis McFadden, The University of Texas at Austin Introduced by: Elaine Hull, State University of New […]... More>

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Are We Ashamed by Anti-Arab Prejudice?

Do Americans Feel Ashamed for Anti-Arab Prejudice Since September 11th? Presenter: Toni Schmader, The University of Arizona Co-Authors: Brian Lickel, University of Southern California; Michael Johns and Marchelle Barquissau, The […]... More>

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Detecting Deception

The Physiological Detection of Deception: Where are We and What Lies Ahead? Presenters: William Iacono, University of Minnesota The Scientific Basis of Polygraph Testing John Allen, University of Arizona The […]... More>