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NIH Simplifies IRB Procedures for Multisite Studies

This is a photo of people holding arrows pointing to a center.Multisite research collaborations can lead to significant discoveries, but they are also a challenge for many reasons, including logistical ones.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) have introduced a new policy to streamline one aspect of these valuable projects: Now, multisite, NIH-funded studies conducting the same experiment are required to use only a single institutional review board (IRB) to oversee the research.

This new policy begins May 25, 2017, and affects NIH-funded multisite studies which intend to use the same experimental protocol.

When a principal investigator submits a grant application, he or she will be expected to indicate that a single IRB (called an “sIRB” by NIH) will be used to oversee the research at all sites. Thus, this sIRB is expected to conduct the ethical review of the…


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How Language ‘Framing’ Influences Decision-Making

This image is of a set of gold vintage frames on a white background.

The way information is presented, or “framed,” when people are confronted with a situation can influence decision-making. To study framing, people often use the “Asian Disease Problem.” In this problem, people are faced with an imaginary outbreak of an exotic disease and asked to choose how they will address the issue. When the problem is framed in terms of lives saved (or “gains”), people are given the choice of selecting: