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Science Galore in the APS Exhibit Hall

While you’re in the Exhibit Hall, stop by the Sona Systems booth before Saturday at 1:00 pm for the chance to win a free iPad Mini. To be eligible, you must be presenting poster research conducted with Sona Systems or Experimetrix software. For more details visit Sona Systems's registration page.

This month, thousands of psychological scientists from more than 40 countries will gather at the 25th APS Annual Convention in Washington, DC, USA, to share their research, learn from leaders in the field, and celebrate 25 years of innovative science.

Nineteen poster sessions in the APS Exhibit Hall will showcase attendees’ work. Three of those sessions highlight science related to each of the convention’s cross-cutting theme programs:

Other special events will include Saturday morning award addresses by winners of the APS Student Caucus Student Research Award and the RISE Research Award.

With the meeting in Washington, we’re fortunate to have colleagues from various federal agencies attend the meeting and participate in programming. You can learn about funding opportunities at the National Institutes of Health during a special poster session on Friday, May 24, at 10:00 AM.

This year’s APS Annual Convention promises to showcase an impressive breadth and depth of research. Browse the Convention Program to find poster presentations related to your own areas of interest.

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