National Academy of Sciences Webcast on Science of Science Communication – November 16-17

APS President Suparna Rajaram, in her October 2017 Observer Presidential Column, wrote, “The need to communicate the value of our science is more important and more urgent than ever. How can we all do our part to serve this goal?”

An upcoming webinar may hold partial solutions: Psychological scientists interested in the science behind communicating their work effectively may be interested in watching a National Academy of Sciences webcast on Thursday, November 16, and Friday, November 17, titled “Science of Science Communication III: Inspiring Novel Collaborations and Building Capacity.” This webcast will originate from an in-person meeting in Washington, DC, which is being co-organized by APS Fellows Baruch Fischhoff, Alan Leshner, and others. The meeting will address future directions in scientific communication, building capacity for science communication partnerships, and measuring dissemination and impact of scientific research. (View the full agenda by clicking here.)

This meeting is a follow-up to two previous meetings on science communication which were held in 2012 (The Science of Science Communication; The Science of Science Communication II).

Those interested in watching the free live stream/webcast of the meeting can click here to register.

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