1st Edition of the SISSA International Summer School in Social Cognitive Neuroscience

SCoNe (July 15-28, 2013) is set up for advanced PhD students and junior post-docs and will take place in SISSA (International School of Advanced Studies), located in Trieste, Italy, a beautiful town by the Adriatic Sea.

Social Cognitive Neuroscience is an emerging field with an interdisciplinary vision on human behavior in social contexts. This year’s topics will be:

– NEUROSCIENCE of SOCIAL INFORMATION PROCESSING (i.e., social judgment, empathy, stereotyping, prejudice, face perception and emotion), and

– NEUROSCIENCE of REWARD (i.e., neurobehavioral mechanisms of appetitive motivation and reward, value-based decision making, and the reward value of social interaction).

All accommodation, eating, and travel costs for all accepted students to the summer school will be covered by the organizers. Accepted students will be asked to pay only a registration fee (400 Euro).

The DEADLINE for applying is: April 19th, 2013

Detailed information about SCoNe 2013 and on how to apply can be found online at http://www.sissa.it/index.php/about/news/1044 or visit SISSA’s webpage at www.sissa.it


For questions please contact the organization: scone2013@sissa.it

The FACULTY of SCoNe 2013 is:

Nalini AMBADY (Stanford University, US), David AMODIO (NYU, US), Stefano CAPPA (HSR, IT), Giuseppe di PELLEGRINO (Bologna University, IT), Rebecca JORDON-YOUNG (Barnard College, Columbia University), Daniela OVADIA (Zoe, IT), Matteo MARSILI (ICTP-Trieste), David I. PERRETT (St Andrews, UK), Elisabeth PHELPS (NYU, US), Raffaella I. RUMIATI (SISSA), Aldo RUSTICHINI (Minnesota University, US; Cambridge University, UK), Dana SAMSON (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium), Wolfram SCHULTZ (Cambridge University, UK).

Nicola CANESSA (HSR, Italy), Andrea CARNAGHI (Trieste University, IT), Claudia CIVAI (Minnesota University, US), Corrado CORRADI DELL’ACQUA (Geneve University, CH), Francesco FORONI (SISSA), Alessandro GRECUCCI (Trento University, Italy), Liuba PAPEO (Harvard University, USA), Giulio PERGOLA (SISSA), Giorgia SILANI (SISSA).

Scientific Committee: Raffaella Rumiati (SISSA, IT), Francesco Foroni (SISSA, IT), Giuseppe di Pellegrino (Bologna University, IT), Stefano Cappa (HSR, IT).

Sponsors: Philips, European Brain and Behavior Society, Italian Association of Psychology (AIP-Social Psychology section)

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