Student Notebook

Stepping Into the Mentor Role

Mentoring an undergraduate student may be a valuable professional experience for graduate students. ... More>

Teaching Current Directions

Teaching Current Directions in Psychological Science

C. Nathan DeWall and David G. Myers discuss teaching students about the Identification With All Humanity Scale and the upside of being down. ... More>

Cover Story

Small Nudge, Big Impact

Behavioral science is helping government and business leaders cue citizens to boost retirement savings, lose weight, curb energy use, and more. ... More>


Remembering Alice M. Isen

Colleagues remember Alice M. Isen and her groundbreaking research on positive affect. ... More>

Observer Article

How to Fix a Fractured Nation

Psychological scientist Diane Halpern of Claremont McKenna College spoke about how to address political polarization in her James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award address at the 25th APS Annual Convention. ... More>