March 2013 Volume 26, Number 3


Learning, Memory, and Synesthesia

Thanks to toys containing magnetic colored letters, psychological scientists Nathan Witthoft and Jonathan Winawer of Stanford University have made some interesting discoveries about the role of learning and memory in synesthesia. ... More>


New Evidence About the Building Blocks of Intelligence

Supplementing young children’s diets with fish oil, enrolling them in quality preschool, and engaging them in interactive reading all turn out to be effective ways to increase intelligence, according to a new report published in Perspectives on Psychological Science. ... More>


Brownell Named Dean of Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy

APS Fellow Kelly Brownell has been appointed the next dean of Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy. Brownell, a leading authority on public policies to enhance nutrition and combat obesity, has advised the White House, Members of Congress, governors, and world health and nutrition organizations. ... More>


Measuring Performance of Individuals, Collectives

APS Fellow Randall W. Engle, editor of Current Directions in Psychological Science, is participating in an ongoing project sponsored by the National Academies to map out an agenda for research on measuring human capabilities and performance potential. ... More>

Letter/Observer Forum


For at least a couple of reasons, APS is to be commended for devoting attention, and Observer space, to various issues surrounding interdisciplinary inquiry (Elizabeth Phillips, “Beyond the Department: An Organizational Model for Interdisciplinarity”, Observer, Vol. 26, No. 2 February, 2013). ... More>