January 2013 Volume 26, Number 1

Member Article

Social Psychology Then and Now

Anthony Greenwald says that a 1966 interview with Gordon W. Allport illustrates what has changed and what has endured in personality and social psychology. ... More>

Member Article

Derailed: The Rise and Fall of Diederik Stapel


Diederik Stapel fabricated data for over 50 peer-reviewed articles. He has now published Ontsporing (Derailed), a 315-page autobiography that provides a fascinating tale of the events leading up to and following the discovery of his large-scale academic fraud. ... More>

Student Notebook

State of the APS Student Caucus

The coming year marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of APS. In 1988, 14 motivated individuals decided to come together to form a group devoted to serving the needs of psychology students: The APS Student Caucus was born. Today, the APSSC has grown to represent more than 8,500 graduate and undergraduate students all over the world. ... More>

Cover Story

Our Silver and Golden Age

As APS hits its Silver Anniversary, is psychological science in a “Golden Age”? Daniel Cervone mines for answers, and finds some contemporary scientific advances that would surprise psychological scientists of a quarter-century ago. ... More>

Teaching Tips

Landing Your First Teaching Job: Tips From Two Recent Hires

Getting first-hand experience on a faculty search committee, learning not to sell yourself short, and remembering to pack healthy snacks in your briefcase can make your job search easier. ... More>