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Ways to Make the Most of Peer Mentoring Experiences

We often have opportunities to learn and guide our academic peers — why not get the most out of it? ... More>

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The Mind of the Climate Change Skeptic

Views on climate change depend on a confluence of social and psychological factors, including political leanings and how we process information. ... More>

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Improving the Health of All Americans

Meet two Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars working to build capacity for research, leadership, and policy changes to improve the nation’s health. ... More>

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MCAT Revision Anticipates Psychological Science

A new Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) will include a subtest on the behavioral and social sciences that could have implications in how medicine is practiced. ... More>

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Motivation, Ideology, and the Social Process in Radicalization

A team of interdisciplinary researchers, including psychological scientists, is part of a federal research initiative to study why people become radicals. ... More>