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Employee Interests Predict How They Will Perform on the Job

When evaluating job applicants, employers want to be sure that they choose the right person for the job. New research suggests that a different factor — employee interests — may be a better way to predict who will perform well on the job. ... More>

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Knowing Others and Being Known

Simine Vazire's research shows that a close friend may know more about your personality than you do. ... More>

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Boosting Brain Power Through a Mind-Body Connection

What does it take to become a better thinker? Do you need to meditate for hours and engage in grueling cognitive training? Or could the path to a healthy mind be as simple as walking 40 minutes a day? ... More>

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When Profs Get Graded

As the popularity of teaching evaluation websites is growing, so is concern over whether ratings on such sites provide an accurate representation of instructors’ performance. Because many students rely on such websites such as when making course decisions, it is important that we examine how these ratings compare to student evaluations of teaching. ... More>


APS Journal Named ‘Rising Star’

The APS journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, edited by APS Fellow Barbara A. Spellman, was recently named a Rising Star in psychiatry and psychology based on data from Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge’s Essential Science Indicators. ... More>