Observer Article

The Emotional Citizen

Emotion trumps partisanship and ideology when people evaluate political candidates, Linda Isbell’s research shows. ... More>


Bandura Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

Legendary psychological scientist Albert Bandura of Stanford University was honored with the International Union of Psychological Science Lifetime Career Award on July 20, 2012. ... More>

Observer Article

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

The gloves come off during the peak of the US Presidential Election. Psychological scientist Jonathan Haidt offers some articles that explain the cognition underlying this fierce political competition. ... More>


Conquer Fear With Words

A study in Psychological Science shows that talking about fear may help conquer it. ... More>

Student Notebook

Studying Sex

Performing research in a niche field can be harrowing, but it can also be rewarding for researchers who wish to contribute unique information to the field. ... More>