Observer Article

The Golden Years of Emotion

High levels of emotional well-being are the rule rather than the exception in later adulthood. Lifespan researchers are making headway in understanding why. ... More>

Observer Article

What’s Good, When, and Why?

Promising new work in emotion regulation suggests that the means by which we decide how to regulate what we feel — and even recognize our own emotions — might be the most productive areas for examining the intricacies of mood. Prominent psychological scientists came together at the 24th APS Annual Convention to discuss the latest paradigm-shifting research in the field. ... More>

Student Notebook

Putting Pen to Paper

Writing is a difficult and time-consuming process. The frustration you feel finding the motivation to write and actually engaging with the writing process is natural. The key is to take that frustration and turn it into a well-crafted paper worthy of your audience’s time and attention. ... More>


Too Soon? Too Late? Psychological Distance Matters When It Comes to Humor

In an upcoming article in Psychological Science, Peter McGraw and his colleagues explore how violation severity and psychological distance work together to facilitate humor. ... More>


Gelfand Receives Anneliese Maier Research Award

APS Fellow Michele J. Gelfand, who studies conflict and conducts comparative cultural research, accepted the Anneliese Maier Research Award at a ceremony at Heidelberg University in Germany. ... More>