Cover Story

Speaking Your Mind

Being bilingual affects not only the way you speak, but the way you think, feel, and respond to the world. ... More>

Presidential Column

Diversity Makes Better Science

When diverse perspectives shape research, everyone wins, say Douglas L. Medin and Carol D. Lee. ... More>

Remembering the Father of Cognitive Psychology

Ira Hyman and colleagues recollect Ulric Neisser, a pioneer in relating thought and behavior. ... More>

Observer Article

Funding for Basic Psychological Science at the National Cancer Institute

Program directors Rebecca A. Ferrer, Paige Green-McDonald, and Mary O’Connell at the National Cancer Institute are eager to fund innovative basic psychological science. ... More>


Do Great Results in the Lab Hold Up in the Field?

A study suggests that scientists should be conducting more field studies because research from the lab does not always translate to the real world. ... More>