Observer Vol. 25, No. 2 February 2012

Member Article

More Than Just a Grade


The APS Wikipedia Initiative channeled Rebecca Silton’s students’ passion for sharing science. ... More>

Teaching Tips

Connecting Student Researchers Via Distance Research Talks

Vicki S. Gier and Daivd S. Kreiner explain how Distance Research Talks can allow students to share research without traveling. ... More>

Presidential Column

Rigor Without Rigor Mortis: The APS Board Discusses Research Integrity

From the influence of impact factors to promoting transparency, the APS Board discusses ways to build a better psychological science. ... More>


Why We <3 Video Games

From Mario Kart to World of Warcraft, why are we so obsessed with video games? Psychological scientists predict that part of the appeal of video games is the opportunity to “try on” a better version of you. ... More>